Nathan M Mallon

Tiger Airways - Infrequent Flyers Club

Did you know 77% of Australians fly less than 3 times a year for the simple reason that it’s too expensive? Now you know. And knowing is… well, you know. While many airlines try to encourage repeat customers through glamorous loyalty programs, the ugly truth is most Australians don’t fly enough to make these programs worthwhile.

Enter: The Tigerair Infrequent Flyers Club. A real program that makes low-cost, no-frills flying a badge of honor, targeting people who hardly fly at all. The campaign launched with a bespoke CRM platform, films for cinema and online, radio, social media activity, and airport installations featuring a non-existent airport lounge, complimentary tap water and VIP seating (when available). The results? There are currently over 500,000 Infrequent Flyers in the Tigerair database, which contributed to Tigerair’s first quarterly profit in 5 years.

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Infrequent Flyers Club | Case Study