Nathan M Mallon

Macquarie Dictionary - Phubbing

You know when you’re out with someone and you’re not making eye-contact or paying attention to them because you’re looking at your phone? Well, there’s actually an official term for that anti-social maneuver. It’s called “Phubbing”. And the word has reached more than 500 million people and sparked global discussion. This film is the culmination of a journey that began at 4:22pm on May 22, 2012 at the University of Sydney, when a team of language experts assembled by McCann and Macquarie Dictionary first coined the word “phubbing”.

This was first time the birth of a word has been caught on camera and tracked as it makes its way into popular usage. The campaign proved language is always evolving, therefore an up-to-date dictionary is essential. And the story has a perfect ending.

In 2016, “Phubbing” was accepted into the Oxford English Dictionary.

Phubbing: A Word is Born